Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spiritual Alchemy

Al-che-my- noun- a power or process of transforming something in a mysterious way
Most of us have heard of the practice of alchemy- most notably as the medieval science of transmuting base metals into gold.  There is another definition of alchemy- a power or process of transforming something in a mysterious way.

When something changes in nature, there is a corresponding action to create that change.  The fallen tree must give way to rot in order for the new growth of mushrooms and ferns to be supported by it.  When pressure builds along a fault line, one edge gives way until a slab of earth juts up and creates a new mountain. Once we understand the laws of nature and what goes on behind-the-scene, the outer changes we observe are really not so mysterious or miraculous after all. 

Likewise, once we understand the spiritual laws, manifesting new things in our lives is not so mysterious, either.  The new relationship that blossomed when you met that new partner “by chance” is actually the result of a lot of inner preparation to be ready for that relationship once the time came.  The sudden success in your career is not that miraculous once you remember all the things you learned in your previous jobs and the confidence you gained to prepare you for that exciting opportunity once it did come.  Whether you were conscious of it or not, you became a new person through your own choices along the way and thus attracted to yourself new experiences that reflected those changes.

But we don’t have to wait for the realization to come in hindsight.  We can consciously create change in our lives by consciously creating change within.  Take a good look at the changes you’re wanting to make in your life, or perhaps those which you’ve started but are struggling to bring to completion.  What needs to give way within you in order to make room for that new change?  What base metals are you still holding onto that are ready to transform into gold?

Perhaps it’s an old habit, an old belief system, an old way of perceiving yourself that needs to change.  Perhaps it’s the goal itself that is no longer the right fit for the direction of your life.  Are you ready to  create change within to support the changes without? Are you ready to practice spiritual alchemy and be your own powerful force for change?

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