Sunday, November 1, 2015

Seeing Through the Illusion of Self-Identity

What holds you back from identifying primarily as your Divine Self rather than your personality self in this body?  Intellectually, we may believe that we are all One, all connected through the same energy source, and yet may find that we are still attached to our identities as individuals.

You are God expressing as Jane or Bob, not Jane or Bob who is allowing God to express through you.

The language seems subtle but the difference is profound.  We are very accustomed to our identities as physical beings:  I’m a tall man, I’m a long-haired woman, I’m a mother, I’m a husband, I’m an accountant, I’m an athlete.  All of these descriptions carry some level of expectation and belief as to what they say about us.  They can also limit us.  Any of these phrases may describe your current form or role but they are not who you are.  You are God. 

“I am” is a very powerful statement.  In the Bible, God identifies as “I Am” or “I Am that I Am.”  No descriptions or identifiers.  No qualifiers-  simply I Am.  It might be time to take a look at the language you use when you declare “I am."  How you identify yourself and the language you use may be re-enforcing old patterns, old beliefs, old energies and limitations.  Even our identities as members of a spiritual community can be limiting: I am a teacher, I am a healer, I am a visionary.  You may have come to be a teacher or healer and share your gifts, but it is still not the sum of who you are. 

Identifying these roles can be a very useful tool in getting clarity on what you came here to offer as your service, but to the extent that it holds you in the belief that it’s who you are or that it sets you apart from others, then it’s just another limitation.  Take a look at all of the labels you ascribe to yourself and ask if they are still useful to you.

Try seeing yourself through the eyes of your Divine Self; not as a woman or a man, not as an American or a Russian, not as a husband or sister or daughter, but simply as a bright, beautiful aspect of God.  Because from the spiritual perspective we are pure energy.  We are all One.  We are all God.